Sanda's art captures the profound beauty and rhythm of nature, transforming everyday scenes and objects into vibrant expressions of life and harmony. Her works are a celebration of the intricate patterns and balance found in nature, from meticulous flower close-ups to innovative creations with found materials. Sanda explores themes of spirituality, human experience, and the interplay between reality and fantasy through her distinctive blend of narrative, fantasy, and expressionism.


About Sanda

Sanda’s art is a poetic ode to life, weaving together the delicate beauty of nature, the depth of human experience, and the vibrant pulse of cityscapes. Her portraits capture the essence of souls, while her “Chair Persons” series transforms everyday objects into whimsical storytellers. Sanda’s enduring motto, “I paint, therefore I am,” encapsulates her profound connection to art, leaving a legacy of beauty and meaning.